Interesting and Useful Internet sites to visit

Basic Information Links

Google Search, the first place to search for UK or worldwide information on the Internet, have not found a better Search Engine site!

Google Local provides good useable maps, directions, distances, find a local businesses, satellite photos of your home and other features, well worth adding to your favorites.

The Royal Mail web site to find an Address or a Post Code.   Ideal for checking addresses for Christmas and Birthday cards.  Also provides tracking of recorded mail!

Up to date free telephone Directory Enquiries through BT Phonebook online, find a person, a business or dial codes.


Free Computer-to-Computer and reduced cost PC to Mobile or Land-line Phone Calls with Skype.  Now owned by Microsoft, one can sign up and register with one’s Microsoft Account ID.  Make use of that Broadband link, especially useful if you have family and friends overseas and they have broadband access.

Interactive Investor (, is one of the UK’s leading online financial services providers.  It offers independent and transparent tools and information to enable its 1.6 million registered users to solve all of their financial needs.  Why not register free today and use their free portfolio manager to track any shares or unit trusts that you may own?

The News at the BBC is a great place to find information on current affairs, weather, technology and health issues, why not make it your home page?
Or try the BBC iPlayer to see TV or listen to live radio or listen to that favourite radio program that you missed via iPlayer Radio!

Wow factor Sites

Want to know more about a specific location and want something different from Google Local? Dive right in with Google Earth program (download required) which combines satellite imagery, 3D maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.  Once downloaded, take a look at the Hoover Dam and the local terrain, see photos taken by visitors and uploaded to complement the experience.

Or look at Microsoft Live Search , type in your post code, select maps, zoom in and see your location. Now switch to Bird’s Eye View, get close up aerial photos of your property or house (depending on area as not all the UK has been photographed)! Switch direction and see it from the north, south, west or east!

Did you know that after dusk and in the pre-dawn periods, one can see the International Space Station, manned spaced flights and other satellites cross the sky lit by the sun’s rays.  See Nasa website for space facts, missions and photos.

New….GLOBAL SATELLITE TRACKING:’s simple Satellite Tracker has gone global. The tool now works not only for the US and Canadian users, but also for sky watchers in countries around the world. This development comes as the International Space Station is making bright and frequent nightly apparitions over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, parts of Asia and Australia. If you live in those areas, give it a try: Heavens-Above or for Ferndown, click here.

Just enjoy your PC and the Internet….

P.S. I am always interested to find new sites of interest, just let me know what you find using our Contact Us form.

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