PC Problem Investigation by Online Remote Support

PC Problem Investigation, Repairs, Support and Training in your own premises, home or by Online Remote Support

Do you have a problem with your PC or an application / program? Need help to create email accounts, Outlook set-up, networking PCs, not sure how to deal with a PC issue or just need training?
We are here to help you by contacting us on 01202 855949!

Slow computers can hamper your work efficiency to a great extent. There can be several reasons for it including malware attack, accumulation of Internet cookies or temporary files, or a faulty hard disk.  We provide support to identify the problem quickly in your home, business premises or now with online computer support to protect your data interests.

You can use a number of exclusive services for your PC.  No matter whether it’s related to virus removal, antivirus installation, PC set up, PC optimisation, troubleshooting PC errors or any other, you can contact us to arrange support and training at a time to suit you.

We do remote computer repair services, remote PC repair & network or online technical support.  Our technicians will diagnose your computer and work along with you to analyse the required treatment.  After a complex and comprehensive assessment, they decide the treatment to be done for resolving your PC troubles.

Online technical support eliminates the need for you to take your computer out for repair and reduces costs to call a technician to your premises.  All the things are done online with the convenience of being at your home or business.  This significantly cuts down the technical support costs and result into economical solutions whereby we can charge by each 15 minute period of online support.   By phoning us and by completion of the details below, a few clicks allow our computer support representative to instantly connect with you in a virtual on-site support conference.

The support representative has an instant, real-time view of the end-user’s desktop and can optionally share remote control of the mouse and keyboard.

The technician working on your system remotely takes an instant, real time view of your desktop and PC system and accesses your mouse and keyboard to resolve the errors or doing the bits that you cannot to resolve errors.  They only access your PC with your permission and you can view all actions performed.  However, you still can control the actions taken on your system as you are the one who is sitting before your system. Therefore, online computer support is both cost effective and quick as well as safe.

For remote support and/or training, please contact us to arrange, then enter your Name & the Support Key given to you by our support representative.   Please follow all subsequent on-screen instructions with the assistance of our support representative.

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