Bosch COBI.Bike Standard Kit (offroad) – One Size Black

This stunning kit is designed to be used with standard non-electronic bikes and connects your ride to smart technology. This means that you can connect your Android or iPhone to the included Bosch app and enjoy handsfree voice calls (via Bluetooth or ANT +), music control, weather functions and cycle data. Bosch has also equipped this kit with a thumb controller that can be mounted on either side and gives you control over all the functions of the COBI.Bike system at any time. Coming complete with an AmbiSense front light, this is a great package for a safer and more rider-friendly experience on every journey. COBI.Bike connects your smartphone with your bicycle, offering a range of intelligent assistance functions. For greater safety, comfort and fun! Connect Your Bike to Your Digital World The COBI.Bike system can turn your bike into a fully connected smart bike: Control your apps safely from the handlebar using your thumb – from navigation to fitness tracking, music streaming and making calls with Bluetooth headphones. Regular software updates and new features keep the system constantly up to date, for example when you switch to a new smartphone. Bosch and COBI.Bike bring a new dimension to the cycling experience. Easy Mounting COBI.Bike for bikes can be easily attached to the mount for the on-board computer. If needed, you can swap it at any time for the Intuvia or Nyon on-board computer (sold separately).  Smartphone Usage, Charging and Control Mount: There is the flexible universal mount (Sold Separately): It can be firmly bolted to the hub and will keep your smartphone absolutely safe by means of a spring-loaded grip - even when riding in difficult terrain. Handlebar Hub: Your smartphone sits absolutely safely on your hub, turning it into a modern bike cockpit. Operations are wireless, using Bluetooth technology by means of a controller on the handlebar. Practical: When conditions are more challenging (e.g. on downhill stretches), you can easily remove your smartphone from the hub and stow it in your pocket. Charging Function: COBI.Bike can charge your smartphone while you're on the move. In the version for conventional bicycles this is achieved by means of a powerful battery pack that can be charged using a USB plug. For bicycles with hub dynamos, there is an optional charging cable that further extends the battery life while you ride.  Controller: The thumb controller can be mounted on either side and gives you control over all the functions of the COBI.Bike system at any time, so you can keep your hands where they belong at all times: On the handlebar. A separate bell button can be used to get attention when you need it most. COBI.Bike is the perfect fusion of smartphone and bike. Thanks to smart connectivity, you can also stay connected with life and friends while cycling: You have your music and contacts at your fingertips while on the move, track your fitness, share routes, or rely on the navigation system to guide you to your destination. Updates and new features keep the award-winning system up to date – ensuring even more fun, comfort and safety on the bike and in the digital world. Front Light: The striking daytime running lights provide optimum visibility in city traffic. As soon as the sun goes down or you enter a tunnel, the system automatically switches on the main headlight thanks to ambient light sensors. The light can also be switched on manually using the app or a switch on the hub. Minimum requirements: Android 5.0 Cell phone width 58.6 - 78.1 mm CPU: Quad Core 1.4 GHz > 200MB free memory Bluetooth Smart (BLE) 4.0 Micro USB connector (type B) AmbiSense Front Light Lighting: 1 main LED (OSRAM) + 2x6 LEDs for daytime running lights Brightness: Up to 65 lux / 140 lumens Protection Class / Water Resistance: IPX5 Certification Light: StVZO (K) Light Modes: Automatic, low beam, full-beam + daytime running lights Lighting Control: Sensor automatic Environmental Conditions Storage Temperature: -10 to 50° C Operating Temperature: -5 to 40° C Smart Features Charging Mount: Integrated charging station and control unit Smartphone App: Easy to read and 100% optimised for use by cyclists Navigation and Weather: Bike navigation with voice guidance and weather reporting 360º Safety: Alarm function, digital bell and hub authentication

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