Cowon Plenue R 128GB All Round Hi Res DAP

Cowon Plenue R 128GB All Round Hi Res DAP The Plenue R is described as Cowons all-round player which best exemplifies the versatility of the Plenue range with features such as aptX high-quality Bluetooth a 2.5mm balanced output and up to 17 hours of continuous music playback. There is also a USB DAC mode expandable memory and a colour changing LED that changes according to the sound source. World-class 24bit/192kHz Stereo DAC with PCM5242 DAC The Plenue R features the PCM5242 DAC a digital analog converter for the ultimate hi-fi audio system for superb sound reproduction. With TIs latest hyper-advanced current-segment architecture and DirectPaths excellent converting performance it perfectly reproduces high-resolution DSD and DXD sources as well as 24-bit/192kHz PCM sources. SoundPlus High-performance amplifier and balanced output for even more complete sound One of the prerequisites for perfect sound is a high-performance amplifier that is optimally compatible with high-end receivers. TIs SoundPlus high-performance amplifiers deliver high voltage and current while maintaining the highest linearity which is a step up from previous high-performance amplifiers. The balanced output adds an anti-phase signal to the unbalanced output signal effectively blocking the noise generated during signal transmission. Jet Effect 7 & BBE + - Tuning the physical limits of time and space Speakers headphones and earphones tend to delay the high-frequency band more than the low-frequency band even if the original sound. JetEffect 7 and BBE + compensate for the physical phase in these phenomena so they reproduce in vivid original sounds like real live and provide sophisticated sound compensation and correction controls for optimal sound for HD Sound. High quality Bluetooth audio codec Qualcomm aptX audio The Plenue R supports aptX a high quality audio codec providing high compression efficiency and excellent sound quality compared to SBC codec which is a conventional Bluetooth ...

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