Entera HW121N Headset

The Plantronics Entera HW121N corded headset features many excellent specifications more commonly found on much higher-priced headsets and has been has been specially designed for professional use in noisy office environments.  Its two-earpiece design helps the wearer to comfortably deal with calls by reducing background noise and the HW121N has a counterpart model - Plantronics HW111N – with single earpiece that allows wearers to converse easily with colleaguesDouble earpiece model for noisy office environmentsThe double-earpiece HW121N model delivers top quality audio performance with enhanced voice reproduction - and is Ideal for comfortable use in high-paced contact centres and other busy office settings where staff often experience difficulty in concentrating on calls due to ambient noise levels.Sleek, ergonomic design for comfortable wearingThe sleek Entera HW121N has an ergonomic, lightweight design for pleasurable wearing.  The set is fully adjustable with an expandable headband to suit a variety of head sizes and enjoys luxury soft-padded ear-cushions that rest gently on the user’s ears for comfortable, everyday use.  The Headset’s lightweight microphone arm is easily adjusted for use on either side of the user’s head for maximum convenience.Headset benefits from the latest noise reducing technologyThe Plantronics-HW121N benefits from the latest noise reducing technology to counter the problem of heavy background noise interference.  The headset is fully equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone that helps to eliminate most of the background noise in busy office environments and allows the user to be heard with excellent voice clarity.  The discreet microphone arm rotates in order to adjust the position of the microphone in relation to the user’s mouth for the most effective speech pick up.Wideband Audio capabilities for VoIP useThe Entera-HW121N incorporates Wideband Audio capabilities for use with VoIP systems.  The popularity of VoIP for business use continues to grow and the VoIP-compatible Entera HW121 comes ready-equipped to deal with any future switchovers to VoIP.Quick Disconnect allows users to easily disengage from phoneThe Plantronics-Entera-HW121N’s Quick Disconnect plug allows the wearer to quickly disengage from their phone if they have to move from their workstation - without having to take the headset off. The Entera-HW121N simply plugs into any compatible Plantronics connection cable, (purchased separately) which then plugs into any compatible telephone or Softphone system.  The Entera-HW121N from Plantronics is a high quality headset that gives reliable performance in the most demanding office settings and allows staff to deal with calls more efficiently, making your important business calls sound more professional.

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