MSI MAG coreliquid 280R computer liquid cooling

<b>CONQUER THE BATTLEFIELD</b>N/AThe MAG series was born through rigorous quality testing and designed to be a symbol of sturdiness and durability. Focused on providing the best user experience the MAG series has a simple installation process coupled with a friendly user interface making it the best choice for entry level gamers.N/AN/AThe newly introduced MAG CORELIQUID has everything you're looking for in a liquid cooler ranging from quality materials that provide reliable durability to heat dissipation technologies that are extremely effective. Users can even enjoy perks like ARGB lighting and a 270-degree rotating blockhead that is simple to use. On top of that the blockhead boasts a unique irregular aesthetic that is both stylish and artistic. Every single component of the MAG CORELIQUID is designed with the end goal in mind: to provide effective cooling without any compromise.N/AN/A<b>ROTATABLE BLOCKHEAD</b>N/AMount the cold plate at any orientation turn the blockhead up to 270 degrees and keep it upright.N/AN/A<b>RADIATOR PUMP DESIGN</b>N/AThe pump has been integrated into the radiator for sound dampening and noise reduction. Additionally placing the pump into the radiator also increases the pump's life expectancy by moving it away from the heat source.N/AN/A<b>PUMP MOTOR RESONANCE ELIMINATION</b>N/AA durable three phase motor at the core of the pump generates minimal vibrations for long-lasting operation.N/AN/A<b>HIGH THERMAL DISSIPATION</b>N/AA split pathway through the radiator rapidly dissipates heat cooled liquid is then pumped back into the loop.N/AN/A<b>EVAPORATION PROOF TUBING</b>N/AConstructed with three layers of netted plastic tubing and a reinforced mesh exterior.N/AN/A<b>DIY 2.0 INTEGRATING WITH THE SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT</b>N/AConnect and synchronize with MSI coolers and cases with strategically positioned pin-header locations including a dedicated pump-fan header.N/AN/A<b>MORE SILENCE THAN EXPECTED</b>N/AMAG CORELIQUID 280R's noise level is significantly lower than that of competitor's by 14%.N/AN/A<b>EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY</b>N/ARobust yet built for flexibility MAG CORELIQUID has been designed with a secure installation bundle with compatibility on a number of Intel and AMD motherboards.

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