Mad Max HITS Range PS4

Mad Max HITS Range PS4 PS4 Warner Bros Action/Adventure PEGI-18 Into the wilderness A reluctant hero with an instinct for survival, Max wants nothing more than to leave the madness behind and find solace in the fabled Plains of Silence. Stripped of his prized V8 Interceptor by a roaming band of War Boys led by the villainous warlord Scaborous Scrotus, Max is beaten and left for dead in the parched deserts of the Great White. Rescued by wasteland blackfinger Chumbucket a hunchbacked mechanic with incredible talents for building four-wheeled wrecking machines from scrap Max sets out on a journey to reach Gas Town to reclaim what is his and deal furious outback revenge on those who took it. As the driver of Chumbuckets Magnum Opus a mighty vehicle capable of heavy customisation Max will have to rid the Great White of savage War Boy parties on foot and from behind the wheel. Storming bases, destroying convoys, reclaiming scrap and fighting brutal Top Dog bosses for the control of the dusty territory, Max must make his way to Gas Town, and to the sacred Plains of Silence, one burning wreck at a time

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JD Williams Mad Max HITS Range PS4 £12.99

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