Philips 439P1 computer monitor

<h4>43 439P1/00 Monitor</h4><p><strong>4K Ultra HD LCD display with MultiView<br /><br />USB-C enables laptop power charging directly from a monitor</strong><br /><br />This Philips display features a built-in USB type-C docking station with power delivery. With intelligent and flexible power management you can power charge your compatible* laptop directly. Its slim reversible USB-C connector allows for easy one-cable docking. Simplify by connecting all your peripherals like keyboard mouse and your RJ-45 Ethernet cable to the monitor&#039;s docking station. You can watch high-resolution video and transfer data at super-speed while powering up and re-charging your notebook at the same time.<br /><br /><strong>UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution for precision</strong><br /><br />These Philips displays utilise high-performance panels to deliver UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution images. Whether you are a demanding professional requiring extremely detailed images for CAD solutions a user of 3D graphics applications or a financial wizard working on huge spreadsheets Philips displays will make your images and graphics come alive.<br /><br /><strong>DisplayHDR 400 for more lifelike colourful visuals</strong><br /><br />VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 delivers a significant step up from normal SDR displays. Unlike other HDR-compatible screens true DisplayHDR 400 produces astonishing brightness contrast and colours. With global dimming and peak brightness up to 400 nits images come to life with notable highlights while featuring deeper more nuanced blacks. It renders a fuller palette of rich new colours delivering a visual experience that engages your senses.<br /><br /><strong>Ultra Wide-Color wider range of colours for a vivid picture</strong><br /><br />Ultra Wide-Color Technology delivers a wider spectrum of colours for a more brilliant picture. The Ultra Wide-Color wider colour gamut produces more natural-looking greens vivid reds and deeper blues. Bring media entertainment images and even productivity more alive with vivid colours from Ultra Wide-Color Technology.<br /><br /><strong>MultiView 4K for 4 systems on one screen</strong><br /><br />Philips MultiView feature on this expansive 4K UHD display enables you to have up to four systems each shown in Full HD on one screen. You can use Picture-by-Picture (PbP) to monitor four systems on one screen for control rooms or security. Or for multiple devices like two notebooks side-by-side simultaneously making collaboration more productive. Or Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) watching a live football feed from your set-top box while working on your PC.<br /><br /><strong>Built-in KVM switch to easily switch between sources</strong><br /><br />With the MultiClient Integrated KVM switch you can control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse setup. A convenient button allows you to quickly switch between sources. Handy with setups that require dual PC computing power or sharing one large monitor to show two different PCs.<br /><br /><strong>Less eye fatigue with Flicker-Free technology</strong><br /><br />Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED-backlit screens some users experience flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue. Philips Flicker-Free technology applies a new solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing.<br /><br /><strong>LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity</strong><br /><br />Studies have shown that just as ultra-violet rays can cause eye damage shortwave-length blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Developed for wellbeing the Philips LowBlue Mode setting uses a smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light.<br /><br /><strong>VA display delivers awesome images with wide viewing angles</strong><br /><br />The Philips VA LED display uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology that gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra-vivid and bright images. While standard office applications are handled with ease it is especially suitable for photos web browsing films gaming and demanding graphical applications. Its optimised pixel management technology gives you a 178/178 degree extra-wide viewing angle resulting in crisp images.<br /><br /><strong>Tilt swivel and height-adjust for an ideal viewing position</strong><br /><br />The Compact Ergo Base is a people-friendly Philips monitor base that tilts swivels and height-adjusts so each user can position the monitor for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency.</p><table class=features><thead><tr><th colspan=2>Features</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td class=feature>Screen Size</td><td>43 Inch</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Resolution</td><td>3840 x 2160 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Colour</td><td>Black </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Aspect ratio</td><td>16:9 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Contrast ratio (typical)</td><td>4000:1 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Display brightness</td><td>400 cd/m2</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>4K UHD</td><td>Yes </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Response time</td><td>4 ms</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Audio output</td><td>Headphone Out </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>HDMI ports quantity</td><td>2 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>DisplayPort</td><td>1 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>USB-C</td><td>1 </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Built-in speakers</td><td>Yes </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Speakers</td><td>2 x 5W </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Headphone connectivity</td><td>Yes </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Operating relative humidity range</td><td>20% - 80% </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Maximum operating temperature range (T-T)</td><td>0 - 40 C </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Height Adjustable</td><td>100mm </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Viewing angle vertical</td><td>178 ?</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Viewing angle horizontal</td><td>178 ?</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Number of colours</td><td>1.07 B </td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Tilt angle</td><td> -5 ~ 23 degree</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Power consumption</td><td>43.9 W</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Dimensions With Stand (W x H x D)</td><td>978 x 677 x 281 mm</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D)</td><td>978 x 573 x 78 mm</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Weight</td><td>12.4 Kg</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Weight W/O Stand</td><td>5.6 Kg</td></tr><tr><td class=feature>Energy Class</td><td>G </td></tr></tbody></table>

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