Sour Green Apple Tub & Glow in the Dark Shaker Bundle

G FuelSour Green Tub & Glow in the Dark Shaker Set This one goes out to all the nocturnal folks out there who may also have a fear of the dark, have trouble finding things in the dark, or are simply fans of things which glow in the dark Introducing, the Glow-In-The-Dark G FUEL Shaker! Its lit! Literally! Missed out on our limited release of G FUEL Sour Shamrock? Don't worry! Here's your second chance: with the same great flavour as Sour Shamrock, enjoy the taste of a super sour granny smith apple with G FUEL Sour Green Apple! More 0 SugarUnlike Our Competitors Who Rely On Loads Of Sugar To Provide You With A False Sense Of Energy, We Dont Which Means Zero Crash.Energy ComplexCaffeine Is A Natural Stimulant Consumed Worldwide. The Primary Benefit Is That Of Cognitive Function Stimulation - Essentially Giving Your Mind A Jump Start When It Needs It Most.Focus Amino-FortifiedOur Addition Of A Focus Amino Provides You With A Unique Edge That Most Other Drinks On The Market Cannot.Packed With AntioxidantsJust The Right Balance Of Antioxidants That Work In Tandem With Our Vitamin Complex To Promote Healthy Cell Production.Vitamin-FortifiedOur Formula Contains The Perfect Combination And Subtle Ratio Of Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6

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