Slow PC?

Have a slow PC? Need more memory, try the Crucial Memory Advisor tool™ to check out your PC today and identify the memory you require!

Slow PC? Boost system performance, buy more PC memory and get help from Crucial Memory Advisor tool™.
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We find that many PCs that are reported as running slow, once we have removed spyware and adware and the occasional un-required program from the “Startup” folder, the PC can do with more memory to reduce the loading and use of the cached memory on the hard disc which slows the PC down.  More memory will not speed up the initial startup sequence (as that depends on your existing hard discs performance), but once everything is loaded and running, Internet browsing and program performance may be increased by as much as four fold.


We consider old Windows XP and Vista laptops and Desktop PCs too old to warrent expenditure on them and advise on getting a replacement.  32 bit operating system only support a maximum of 3GBs of RAM so the maximum that can be usefully installed is 4GBs, while some old Windows Vista initial hardware may only support a maximum of 2GBs.  The Crucial Memory Advisor tool™ will indicate what the maximum compatible limits are.

Many of you may have installed new software for or upgraded existing programs, as a result, you may find your computer has become sluggish, and you could be totally unaware that a memory upgrade can fix that!

If you are unsure what is required for your PCs, we can help you. 

If you have broadband and wherever you are in the UK, for a small fee of £15.00, we can undertake a secure remote connection (30 minutes of support) and advise you if a memory upgrade is appropriate.   Phone 01202 855 949.    With the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool, we can advise you of the most cost effective solution and appropriate memory configuration.

For those in East Dorset or West Hampshire, we can install a memory upgrade in any branded laptop or PC.  Buy RAM from Crucial for Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu or Dell Laptops.  Crucial RAM Upgrades fit most HP Laptops, Compaq Notebooks, IBM and all major Brand Notebooks.  We can order Laptop Memory Upgrade for all major brands, with Lifetime Warranty, find RAM compatible for Dell, HP Compaq, Acer, Toshiba PCs and Notebooks.  All Major PC and Laptop RAM Upgrades are available.

Increasing your laptop and PC memory is the fast and most cost effective way to improve the performance of your laptop or PC, Upgrading Laptop RAM Improves Windows Performance and Increases Speed.

Crucial on their web site have a Crucial Memory Advisor tool™ which scans your PC which at completion will indicate the type of memory required as one adds and/or replaces existing PC memory. The Crucial Memory Advisor Tool takes the guesswork out of upgrading.

Easily find the right memory for your computer with the Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool

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