Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Ever wonder why your phone or tablet responds faster than your computer? It’s because these devices have their programs and data stored and run on flash memory.  Solid state drives (SSDs) are flash memory devices able to replace a Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  A HDD is computer storage device containing magnetic disks or platters rotating at high speeds able to read and write data.  Because of the mechanical access to the platter, it takes time to access and read and write the data and requires electrical power to rotate the discs and move the heads across the discs surface.

A SSD designed with no moving parts, this means SSDs improve battery life.  They’re more reliable, durable, and can improve overall computer performance.

If you only have HDD storage in your PC or Laptop, and you are finding that it is slow and you are wasting time waiting for things to occur, then an SSD drive replacement may help.  On a standard HDD, Windows will take longer to boot up, applications will take longer to load, and files will take longer to open and save.

The beauty of an SSD is that this waiting time is dramatically reduced, even on cheaper drives, when compared to HDD. Anything you load on it will perform actions much quicker.

One of the best uses for an SSD in a Laptop or PC is as the Boot Drive. This means installing and replacing the disc which your Windows 10 operating system uses to boot up with an SSD.  By doing this, your PC or laptop will boot up and be ready to go in a flash.  We also suggest having your most frequently used software and system cache on there for a similar effect.

We can install an SSD in most PCs and Laptops but would suggest an existing PC less than 8 years old and with an i3 processor with Windows 10 as a minimum base to ensure future longevity.

Prices start from £125.00 installed and included VAT.

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